The University of Uyo Journal of Humanities (UUJH) is happy to announce Call for Papers for Volume 22 Numbers 1& 2, 2018. UNIUYO Journal of Humanities (UUJH) is a publication of the Faculty of Arts, University of Uyo and provides outlet for products of research in the Humanities and related disciplines for the promotion of scholarship. For further details, please, visit the Journal website on

  1. Manuscripts for publication consideration in the UUJH should not be longer than 8000 words – notes and references inclusive, and should also have an Abstract of not more than 200 words. The author should identify five keywords from the paper immediately below the Abstract.
  2. An Abstract is a synopsis of the entire paper. It should sell the paper to the reader and indicate what the paper/theme is all about (Introduction), how you went about doing the paper (method), what you found out (results), and the implications /recommendations of your finding. The Abstract should be about 200 words or less, and formatted with Times New Roman (for the font type) and 11 points for the font size. The abstract should be written in single line spacing.
  3. The manuscript title, author(s)’ name(s) and institutional (University/Department) address and contact details should be identified on the Abstract page only. Please, remember to add your email and phone numbers as part of your contact details. These contact details should not appear in any other part of the paper. This is to help maintain the blind peer review policy of the Journal.
  4. Author(s) Surname should be written in Capital letters first and separated by a comma. Other names could then follow. Example: EKEANYANWU, Nnamdi T. (Ph.D.).
  5. The body text (font type) of the entire paper should be in Times New Roman, 1.5 lines spacing, and the font size should be 12. Page alignment should be “Justified” while the paragraphing style should be indented with one tab in 0.5inches (Please, no block paragraphing).
  6. Authors must conform to the British English spelling.
  7. Papers or manuscripts should be sent in Microsoft Word Document and referencing should follow either the current MLA style sheet or the current APA style. The style sheet selected should be used in both in-text referencing and on the Reference page. Furthermore, manuscripts should be rich in literature and references. Efforts should be made to avoid dated references. Except in unusual circumstances, references and literature citations should NOT be below the year 2000.
  8. Tables and figures should be alluded to in the text while allusions to ‘notes’ should be indicated in superscript in the body text. Explanation of the notes should be presented as endnotes at the end of the article, just before the Reference page.
  9. All the contents of any table or figure should be mainly referred to and in most cases only the trends emerging from such tables are discussed. Please, avoid table reading. Table reading is an unacceptable way of reading out every item in a table with the pretence one is analysing the table.
  10. Author(s) shall be responsible for securing any copyright waivers and permissions as may be needed to allow the use of copyrighted materials in their work.
  11. Manuscripts submitted to the UUJH shall be subjected to plagiarism check and only those that meet the acceptable threshold shall be published.
  12. Author(s) who submit manuscripts to UUJH will be expected to pay N3000 for Paper Assessment and N15,000 Page Fees, if the paper is accepted for publication. However, as an incentive to encourage quality submissions and international spread of the contributors to the Journal, professors and foreign contributors will not be expected to pay any Assessment or Page Fees. The UUJH Bank Details are listed below:
  • Account Name: Journal of Humanities
  • Account No: 1000345803
  • Bank: UBA (Aka Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria)
  1. Manuscript should be prepared in Microsoft Word document and submitted via the Editor’s email thus:
  2. Below are the Submission Months and Lifelines for the two Editions of the Journal:
    1. November 01, 2017 to January 30, 2018for MAY 2018 EDITION
    2. April 01, 2018 to June 30, 2018for OCTOBER 2018 EDITION

Please, adhere strictly to the submission lifelines. Any paper submitted outside the lifelines will not be processed.


The African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) in conjunction with the National Institute for Policy & Strategic Studies, Kuru, JOS,  is happy to announce its Call for Abstracts for the 19th National Conference/AGM tagged JOS 2017.

Date: October 31 to November 03, 2017

Venue: Unity Hall, National Institute for Policy & Strategic Studies, Kuru, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Host: National Institute for Policy & Strategic Studies, Kuru, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

THEME:Communication Education, Research & Publishing in a Changing World



“JOS 2017”

The African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) in conjunction with the National Institute for Policy & Strategic Studies, Kuru, JOS,  is happy to announce its Call for Papers for the 19th National Conference/AGM tagged JOS 2017.

Date:    October 31 to November 03, 2017

Venue: Unity Hall, National Institute of Policy & Strategic Studies, Kuru, Jos, Plateau State

HOST:National Institute for Policy & Strategic Studies, Kuru, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria


Communication Education, Research & Publishing in a Changing World


  1. Communication Education in a Changing World
  2. Communication Research in the 21st Century
  3. Grantmanship/Grant Writing in the 21st Century
  4. Academic Publishing in the 21st Century
  5. Writing a Winning Proposal
  6. Ethical and Legal Issues in Communication Research
  7. Journalism Education in the 21st Century
  8. Broadcast and Electronic Media Education & Research in the 21st Century
  9.  Style Sheets in Communication Writing and Publishing
  10.  Postgraduate Studies and Research in Communication-based programmes
  11.  PR , Advertising, Marketing, and Communication Research and publishing in the 21st century
  12.  Culture, Society, Ideology and Communication Research in a Changing World
  13.  ICTs, Communication Research and Publishing in the 21st century
  14.  Print Media, Communication Research and Publishing in a Contemporary Era
  15.  Communication Research and Publication Funding and Management: Issues and Perspectives
  16.  Interdisciplinary research
  17.  Co-authoring of Books and Articles: Emerging trends in the Communication Discipline
  18.  Big Data and Communication Research
  19.  Appointments and Promotions to Academic Ranks in Communication Programmes
  20.  Predatory Journals in Communication Studies
  21.  Open Access Publishing in Communication Studies
  22.  Status of Communication Programmes in Africa
  • Please, note that there will be a high impact RESEARCH WORKSHOP during the second day plenary session.

Prospective participants are hereby invited to submit abstracts on the above theme and sub-themes as follows:

  1. The abstract should not be more than 200 words. Abstract should bear the title, name of author(s), full contact details (emails, phone number and institutional affiliation) and the sub-theme under which it is being submitted for consideration.
  2. Deadline for submission of abstract is: August 1, 2017
  3. Abstract should be sent as a Microsoft Word document to
  4. Please, bring ten (10) copies of your Full Paper to the Conference for presentation purposes (Only if it is accepted for presentation)!



  • Arrival: Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • Opening Ceremony: Wednesday, November 01, 2017
  • First Plenary and 1st Syndicate Sessions: Wednesday, November 01, 2017
  • Excursion around the City of Jos: Wednesday, November 01, 2017 (5pm)
  • Research Workshop and 2nd Syndicate Sessions: Thursday, November 02, 2017
  • Annual General Meeting: Thursday, November 02, 2017 (5pm)
  • Departure: Friday, November 03, 2017


  1. Conference Registration Fee (for members)             -N5,000or $20
  2. Annual Dues (for members)                                      - N10,000 or $40
  3. Institutional Registration                                           - N20,000 or $80
  4. Conference  Registration Fee for Non Members      - N15,000 or $60
  5. New Members Registration at the Conference plus Conference Fees -N15,000(Please, note that Application for Membership of ACCE is FREE)


Total Fees to fully participate is therefore N15,000 as approved by the 16th AGM at Nsukka. Annual Dues/Conference Fee for 2017 could be paid by OLD MEMBERS to the ACCE First Bank Account before arrival at the Conference Venue. Just come to the Conference Venue with the Payment Teller and exchange it for an official receipt. This helps you avoid carrying too much cash around!



Account Name: African Council for Communication Education (ACCE)

Account No: 2005410228

Bank: First Bank

Please, bring the Bank Teller to the Conference Venue to enjoy conference support and collect your new Membership Certificate and a Permanent Membership Number (PMN). Also note that the Conference Fee entitles the Conference Participant to a Conference Bag and writing materials, Tea Break, Lunch, and other ACCE Conference packets. It also entitles the participant to a Certificate of Participation. Accommodation and other details will be announced in due course. For further details of this announcement, visit the Council website at  OR email:


Dr. Sola Adeyanju                                                         Nnamdi T. Ekeanyanwu (Ph.D.)

+234-803-450-7660                                                                             +234-803-830-6772

Chair, Local Organising Committee                                                       Secretary, LOC

Professor Danjuma Gambo

National Coordinator, ACCE



African Journal of Communication (ISSN 2227-7625)

 Is published twice a year by the East African Communication AssociationEditorial Offices, Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya 


Manuscript submission information

Authors interested in submitting research articles may initiate with an abstract.Manuscripts should be submitted in soft copy to the Managing Editor, African Journal of Communication (

Manuscripts should be a maximum of 30 pages in length (including the abstract and all references, tables, figures, appendices and endnotes. Prepare manuscripts in strict accordance with the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 


  • Page 1 should include an abstract (maximum of 150 words) and include selected keywords (5-7 only)
  • Page 2 starts with title and main text
  • Standard type (12 point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman. 1.0 inch margins) should be used
  • References are double-spaced , wnd and subsequent lines should have hanging indent of 0.5 inch  (References  should also start on a new page)
  • Double check to make sure that all references in text are in the reference bibliography and the reference bibliography should include only references in the text.  Insure that all  references to chapters in books have the chapter pages.
  • Submit 1 main document in WORD format, not PDF files.
  • All submissions should also include brief bio data of the authors: full name, email address, academic positions, university or other institution,  main areas of research and main recent publications.  Bio data should not be more than 150 words.

Book reviews and brief book mentions

Publishers or authors who wish books to be reviewed should send to the book review editor an initial email ( and then arrange to have books sent directly to the book review editor, Wilson Ugangu, Multimedia University College, Nairobi, Kenya. 


Subscription information          

Members of the East African Communication Association automatically have an annual subscription of two issues a year with membership dues of $15 for students (must show their student ID card) and $35 for all others.